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There are several reasons to visit Prague in April:

Prague is an old academic town. Charles University, the oldest university Northern of Alps and Eastern of Rhine was founded in April 1348. The Prague Conservatory is the oldest in the Central, Northern and Eastern Europe. The Prague Technical University is nearly 300 years old. There are more than 20 different universities in our town and students are recruiting from more than 120 countries of the world.

Prague has been a place of internationalisation of education and culture for a long time. In past centuries, an extraordinary milieu combining Czech, German, Christian and Jewish traditions was established and many representatives of culture, science and technique either studied or worked in Prague and a number of world-known personalities were born in Bohemia and Moravia. That is why the tendency to create international system of organisation of education and research found a good response among Czech universities and research institutions. Not only ORPHEUS was founded with collaboration of Czech ¬†partners but also the main topic of Annual Conference 2013, "Globalisation of standards of PhD studies in Biomedicine", is not only a logic continuation in the advancing work of ORPHEUS but also a reflection of the historic significance of Prague for the global history of science and culture.

Prague in April is really an enjoyable¬†place to stay. Friendly and mild weather, streets not crowded by tourists, wide offer of theatres, concerts and exhibitions can enhance the impression of the city "growing up from ashes" (the damages caused by 50 years under totalitarian systems are mostly repaired).

Come and enjoy Prague in spring.

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